Friday, June 29, 2012


Much to my relief, I stepped on the scale early this morning to see a loss.  Technically it doesn’t count since I only official recognize Sunday weigh-ins but seeing as every other day this week I have shown a substantial increase, it was nice to see a loss.
Now, I just have to focus on eating healthy on my 2 day mini vacation to the ocean this weekend.  Luckily we rented a condo with a kitchenette so I am hoping to avoid dining out each night.  Good for my diet and my pocket book!
Getting back on track this week showed me just how much we had strayed from the weight loss path.  It started slowly really.  I went months without indulging in anything anti diet and then one night I would go soft and agree to something small, like a scoop of non diet friendly ice cream or something.  I would still lose that week so I would splurge a little more…and it just went on and on until you have last week with zero weight loss.
I feel refocused these past couple of days, retraining my mind to making better choices, but it seems I will have to retrain my family.  Even though we all agreed to start eating better, I have already had six indecent eating propositions! 6!!!
With all the stressors I have been wading through, the one thing which really suffered was my work out routine.  I have not been on my elliptical machine in over 4 weeks.  Gross, I KNOW! 
Through my insurance I received access to a health coach who calls me once a month.  I shamefully explained my failure to work out and how depressed I was about it.  We talked through what was stopping me and set up a plan.  Through the discussion I learned that I was actually quiet anxious about how physically difficult it would be for me to get back on the elliptical and do my full routine.  My coach told me that initially the time doesn’t matter, I just needed to go on for a few minutes until I work myself back up, she urged me just to go on the machine for 10 minutes and perform 10 sit-ups that night.
Knowing I didn’t have to do such an intense workout helped relieve the anxiety of getting back on the elliptical. The 10 minutes on the machine was tough but I was able to do 20 sit-ups instead of 10.  We agreed that I would try this mild workout a few more times and then push myself to go the whole 30 minutes on the elliptical on Tuesday. 


  1. Steady as she goes, Channie! Keep it up!


  2. Have a great vacation! You are doing good. =)