Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Down Down Down Down

Current Weight: 206.8

Starting Weight: 258
Week 26: - 0.8 pounds
Total lost: - 51.2
Goal Weight: 140
Total to lose: 66.8 pounds to go

- Below 200 pounds by end of summer: -6.9 pounds to go in 7 weeks (0.98 pounds a week).
- CHEESBURGER!!!!  -6.9 pounds to go
- HALFWAY MARK!!!:  -7.8 Pounds to go
- 60 pounds gone: -8.8 pounds to go
- Overweight BMI: -27.8 pounds to go

- 40 pounds gone: (Complete on 5/13/2012)
- Another 10%: (Complete on 6/10/2012)
- 50 pounds gone: (Complete on 6/10/2012)
Super excited to see a downward trend again this month.  Seeing a loss has really helped increase my motivation. 
The pictures from the Fourth of July posted on FB earlier this week and they were a wake-up call.  In a few of the pictures I could really see the weight loose and I loved them, but most of the pictures showed the remaining weight I had to lose.  While I am grateful for every ounce of the 51.2 pounds I have lost, it is still nerve racking to face the remaining 66.8 pounds.
While we tend to keep the party guests to close friends and family, Mama D asked if she could invite an attorney who works for her firm to come as well. I had heard a lot about him via Mama D but had never met him. I knew Mama D wanted to make a good impression so I made sure to introduce them to the guests and make sure there were entertained throughout the evening.  I left the attorney and his girlfriend for a few minutes and during this time apparently my daughter’s very naïve friend went up to our guest and asked him quietly if he was a vampire. 
Now in her defense this man looks freakishly like Edward Cullen’s doppelganger.   SWEAR TO GOD! He has the complexion, hair, and even has these unbelievable golden eyes.  I had to restrain my friend from going up to introduce himself by saying “Mr.  Patterson, I presume.”
I was mortified!!!! Luckily said attorney, with all of his southern charm, laughed it off.  When my daughter’s friend commented about how much he looked like the Hollywood vampire, he reportedly said “No, the vampire looks like me as I am older.” 
Despite being accused of being one of the undead, he and his girlfriend graciously accepted our dinner invitation later in the month.  I have already made arrangements that no children or teenagers will be present, lol. 
I know the story had nothing to do about weight loss but I had to share it, it was equal parts embarrassing and amusing. 

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  1. "Despite being accused of being one of the undead" ... lol LOVE it. :)