Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Reason Not To Weigh Daily

I got into the horrible habit of weighing myself multiple times a day again.  As always it is all good and motivating isn’t.  Yesterday was a perfect example. I decide to weight myself and I see:  203.4 
I liked this weight cause it was evening, which meant my morning weight (which is what I consider my ‘real weight’)  would most likely be in the 202’s.
A few minutes later I use the restroom and because I am all sorts of special I decided to weight myself again to see what if I was lower:
After restroom weight:  204.8
Okay how was it possible in a span of 10 minutes and 1 bathroom break for me to gain 1.4 pounds? SERIOUSLY!!! After weighing myself several times in succession I get the same weight.  So I shrug it off as a scale issue.
I leave for a few minutes to get the kids entertained while I decide to take a quick shower.  I decide to weigh myself again to see if the scale was done be silly.
Before shower weight: 205
So now I am super frustrated. How is it possible to continue gaining weight if I haven’ ingested anything.  I jump out of the shower and dry my hair and decide I will do one last final weigh in to see if the scale has stopped being STUPID!!
After shower weight in: 205.4 WTF!!!!!
So in a period of 30 minutes, I gained two pounds without drinking or eating a thing. SERIOUSLY!!!
You think I would have learned my lesson…right…….WRONG.
So this morning I get up still thinking about the stupid scale and decide to weight myself. I see 203 which while there was no loss, at least I wasn’t up.  I brush my teeth and decide just for shits and giggles to give the scale another go. I see 203.4 pop up and I curse profusely and kick the scale in turn stubbing my toe.
Mama D thinks the scale just needs new batteries but I think the scale is secretly sabotaging my sanity.

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  1. Hahahaha, I laugh because that is TOTALLY me! I weigh at least twice a day - once in the morning and once at night. And that's at least... it's generally tons more. I'm glad I'm not the only crazy weigh all day person. ;)