Friday, August 24, 2012

From a 42.9 BMI to a 32.9 BMI

Current weight: 198.0 pounds

Starting weight: 258 pounds
Down: -.8 pounds
Total loss: - 60 pounds
Goal weight: 140 pounds
Total to lose: 58 pounds


60 pounds gone: Completed 8/24/2012
25% Body Weight Gone:  -4.5 pounds to go
70 pounds gone: -10 pounds to go
Overweight BMI (179): -19 pounds to go
Scuba Diving Lessons (165) – 33 pounds
My biggest focus and struggle lately has been about controlling how much I eat during the meal. I am pretty good about not eating unless I feel hunger signs, but once I start eating I realize I have eaten to much far too late.
My biggest issue has been how quickly I consume my food. As a child I remember my mom always reminding me that dinner was not a race.  I have curbed this issue fairly well at major meals. At dinner I use a small plate and serve myself reasonable portions. For lunch and breakfast and I only bring what I need and don’t tempt myself with snacks and extra portions.
My main struggle has been snacks, potlucks, and restaurants.   For example, I went to IHOP last night with the family and got an omelet.  By the time I starting paying attention to what I was doing I had inhaled 2/3rd of the omelet and 1 ½ pancakes.  I knew a overate the moment I became conscience of my food and felt horrible the rest of the evening and even this morning. 
I know the tools I can use to fix this.  At restaurants, ask for a box when the meal comes and decide what portion I want to eat and box the rest up.  For snacks, I should place a single serving on a napkin or in a bowl and eat from that.  I just don’t think of these options until it is way too late.
In happier news, we have my daughter back at home now.  She was gone a total of 13 days and it was horrible! We had a meeting with her therapist as well as with a social worker as we are trying to get her on to the ‘At Risk Youth’ petition our state offers.  The ARY petition would be a really good thing to have in place but we have discovered that we will have to dish out $1,000 initially and then another $1,000 every three months to keep it in place.  All of these costs are to cover her public defender. So frustrating that I will have to pay so much to the courts so I can have another protection to keep my daughter safe at home! Luckily we have a few attorney friends who will do our end so we don’t have to worry about paying for two attorneys. 

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  1. You have done SO WELL! Where'd you go? I hope all is well and would love hearing from you. Hugs!