Thursday, December 20, 2012

12 you say!!!

Current weight: 191.2 pounds

Down: 1 pounds
Starting weight: 198 pounds (as of 11/12/2012)
Total loss: 6.8 pounds
Goal weight: 140 pounds
Total to lose: 51.2 pounds
Total lost as of March 2011 (73.8 pounds)

Break the 198 plateau: Completed 12/2/2012
We love the 80’s: -1.3 pounds to go
5% Body Weight Gone:-3.1 pounds to go
Overweight BMI (179): -12.2 pounds to go
Scuba Diving Lessons (170) – 21.2 pounds
1 pound loss….I’ll take it.  This past weekend I was not at my best when it came to eating.  The 6 hour holiday baking party did me in.  Though I ate over my calories I still call the event a success.  In the past I would have been hyper focused on the treats and eating a ton. This time I kept my snacking to just a few pieces of the treats I liked the best and didn’t eat any of the others.  I really focused on only eating what I knew I would enjoy and savoring it instead of snacking willy-nilly.  I also focused on my friends who came over to bake as we don’t see each other as much as we would like (dang islanders).
Last night, as I was changing into PJ’s I decided to slip on the pair of 12’s I had hanging in the closet to see how close I was to being able to wear them. I slipped them on and they fit PERFECTLY! I didn’t even have to suck in a little to button them.  I rushed downstairs where Mama D was rocking out on her Extreme Yoga DVD set I got her for her birthday and paraded around in my size 12 body, lol.  When I got back upstairs I dug the other size 12’s I had been given from the bottom of my armoire. I am always suspicious of sizes because each brand is different and a size 12 in one brand can be a size 14 in another.  Of the three pairs I dug out by three different designers two fit like a glove and the third pair would require that I lay down on the bed to zip.  So I am calling it.  I am officially a size 12!! WOOT WOOT!
I can’t remember the last time I was a size 12. The last time I was successful at losing weight I was 17.  I got down to 170 and was able to get into a size 13.  So how I am able to fit into a size 12 now at 191 is beyond me. Oh, how the body changes.
In life news, I received some very scary news about my 16 year old daughter is still on the run.  She is messing with some very serious things which can cause her a lot of damage. Not drugs, thank God, but still some scary stuff she should not be involved with on her own.  I am trying not to let the stress effect my weight loss and the 3 other kiddos I have at home but it is hard. 
Blog at you soon!!!

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