Sunday, December 2, 2012

Holiday Results

What a busy few weeks.  Not only did we have a ton of events but we have had a lot of behavioral issues surrounding my eldest daughter (2:30am visits from the police are not fun). Plus I had some news about one of our foster children that hit me harder then I expected. No fun. 
I was very excited to try out me knew tools when it came to entertaining and special events.  Here is how things went:
Neighbors to Dinner: I did really well at dinner time, but my focus and motivation was clouded with to much wine (an issue in of itself) and I found myself sneaking into the kitchen for left over garlic bread and pecan pie :-( 
Dueling Piano Bar with Sisters: This went great!! I focused on my sisters and the entertainment instead of the food and was really proud of myself. Unfortunately, they no longer have a full dinner menu so we ordered several appetizers, but I limited myself...Then I got home and didn't do as well as I could have.  Totally killed my "No eating at night" rule.
Extended Family Dinner: This is where things started changing. I made a bigger effort to socialize with my family and not on my food.  I didn't get online to preplan what I was going to eat but I kept it simple and left food on my plate.
Thanksgiving: I was really nervous about this event because we had 16 people for dinner and I never had this mix of people before. I filled my plate once with moderate amounts and I didn't even finish everything. I didn't snack as I cooked and I felt like I had a chance to talk to everyone.
My 30th Birthday Party: Again I made a strong effort to make the people and not the food the event.  I went ot the buffet once (well twice but the first time I made a plate  and immediately set it down to say hello to new guests and promptly forgot about it).  I ate just a few bites of my birthday cupcake.
My Birthday: As I expected this was the hardest event.  I probably consumed more calories on this day than any of those above.  But on the positive side, it could have been a lot worse.
So, while I still hav a lot to improve on, I felt like I made some serious changes on my outlook to these parties and am excited to try it again in the upcoming few weeks when holiday events are rampant. 
How did your holiday go?

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