Thursday, December 6, 2012

MFP - 1 Week Later

So today is my officialy one week mark on My Fitness Pal.  I was at 194 this morning which  means a total lost of 5.4 pounds in one week since I was up to 199.4 after Thanksgiving.  While I would love to see those results each week, I know it is just the inital shock to my system after being off any sort of plan for over 2 months.

The most exciting part is that I am officially under 200 on the scale at work.  We have a Biggest Loser Competition going  on which means I weigh in on another scale at work with all my clothes on.  Today it was a 4.4 pound difference which leaves me at 198.4. That shows my 5.4 pound drop as well since last week I was at 203.

Last night I was so tempted to slip up.  It was a very emotional day involving my eldest daughter.  She ran from school officials, the cops and us twice in one day.  We thought she was coming home at one point so I quickly order a pizza from a 'take-and-bake' place (instead of our healthy meal we had planned) and packed up all the little kids so I could take them to a friends house so they wouldn't have to witness their sister being arrested.  She ended up bolting once again so we didn't end up leaving but I was so tempted to sooth my stress with 3 pieces of pizza instead of the 1 slice I had enough calories for.  Luckily my senses came back and I stuck to my guns and didn't go over my calories.

Today I have the opposite issue.  I am not hungry at all and had to force feed myself.  Stress is a funny thing. 

How do you deal with stress and eating?

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