Friday, April 20, 2012


I know I am a little late with the numbers but with 5 kids, a full time job, a menagerie of pets and an alarm which goes off 4:30 each morning….sometimes things get dropped. 
Plus I’ll take time with these cutie pies over time in front of a computer screen any day.

April 18, 2012 The Baby & J

 Aren’t they so adorable… can you tell from The Baby’s facial expression that he was in the middle of saying “CHEESE!” Don't let his cuteness fool you, this little guy is responsible for more gray hairs on my head then all the others put together.

So I had these GRANDIOUS ideas for photo shoot to show off the thinner me  and give you some idea of my goals but those will have wait as I am still trying to convince my daughter that my idea is AMAZING!! Which it totally is, she will come around.  So for now here is the most recent picture of me with my lovely daughter:

March 24, 2011 234.2 pounds

When I saw this picture, I had to take a double look. I can really see the weight loss in my face.  I am about 7.8 pounds lighter now as of this morning.

I weigh-in every Sunday; this is the results from April 15th:
Weight: 227.6

Starting Weight: 258
Week 15: -4.4
Total lost: -30.4
Goal Weight: 140
Total to lose: 87.6

- 40 pounds gone: - 9.6 pounds to go
- Another 10%: - 18.6 pounds to go
- Below 200pds by end of summer: -27.7 pounds to go in 19 weeks (1.5 pds a week)

- Step down from morbidly obese to just obese: COMPLETE on 3/11/12
- Have less than 100 pounds to lose: COMPLETE on 3/18/12
- 10% total body weight lost: COMPLETE on 4/8/2012

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