Monday, April 30, 2012

Oh, What's In a Day

As with any household you have good days and bad days.  With as many children and pets as I have, we tend to take these highs and lows to the extreme.  

Somedays I feel I am about one dumbass away from losing it, and then there are days like today where the fates align and I wish I could hold on to these days forever. 

Not only did I do self care; ate healthy, worked out, pampered myself, but I also had fun with my family and am in bed early so I can blog to all you peeps.  How is this possible? I have no idea!!! Why are days like today possible while other days I can barely breath?

I had a total of 9 kids in my house today.  My 5 plus two of Serena's teenage friends and then two neighbor girls came over to play with our hellions.  I have to admit I have no idea that teenagers provided such free entertainment:

Yes, my daughter is the one with the bad mouth....we are working on it.  

We are a dinner table family, which means we eat as a family at the table about 99% of the time. Tonight I decided to change things up and I let the kids eat their turkey sliders while dancing around the kitchen to DeadMau5.  Even The Baby got his groove on.  It was nice to let loose a bit and the kids always enjoy the change in routine. 

I was getting tired of singing the same songs to The Baby every night while I rocked him. There is only so much "Row Row Row you Boat" and "Twinkle Twinkle" you can sing before you want to gouge your eyes out.  So I spent about 20 minutes trying to memorize a song via youtube and have included 'Rainbow Connection' in our routine.  The Baby LOVES IT!

Dyanna and I tagged team today so we could both get our workouts done today.  I am starting to feel the effort in my arms and it makes me giddy with excitement.  I might actually have skinny firm arms soon!!!!

Today had its down, G-man went to bed early, J had a meltdown, and Serena had her phone taken away for a bit until she realized what 'get you chores done now' meant. But even in those moments I realize how blessed to have such a large loving family.   

We have set-up M's Birthday Morning Surprise for tomorrow. He is turning 7 years old.  He is getting so big.  

I know this doesn't have a whole lot to do with weight loss, but I felt I needed to share the gift which is my family.  It is for them and because of them that I am able to be so successful in my weight loss journey. 

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  1. I love when bloggers post about their families! It gives a nice insight to your world. Sounds like a busy and fun household!