Friday, May 11, 2012

David and Goliath

YAY! I got my workout mojo back last night.  I have to be honest; Wednesday’s weak-ass workout really worried me. I was concerned I was losing my drive and would start struggling.  I don’t have to worry about that; yesterday’s work-out was one of my best. I just think my body needed a day of rest. 
I received a call welcome call from my wellness coach last night.  She was thrilled with my initiative and what I have accomplished so far and was excited to work with me.  We have our official first session on May 31st, I am hoping to learn a lot. 
One of the questions the wellness coach asked was what motivated to start the change in January.  It took me a moment to respond, because I realized that it was more of a accumulation of things then just one ‘moment’.  I thought I would share with you some of my reasons.
WHY I TOOK THE PLUNGE (these are not in order of importance):
1.       I WANT TO BE SEXY: I was going to title this section “I want to bring sexy back” but seeing as I have been obese all of adult life and overweight since 3rd grade, I really don’t have any sexy to bring back.  I have never felt good in my own skin and I am ready for that to change.  I want to be superficial and get satisfaction from people checking me out. Haha
2.       TRAVEL: I am tired of my fat keeping me grounded. I have always dreamed of traveling and am lucky enough to have friends and family all over I can stay with but my shame of my weight and total anxiety around being a fat girl on a plane (possibly being forced to buy second ticket and discomfort of seats) have made it almost impossible.  
3.       DAUGHER:  October 5, 2010 stands out as one of the best days of my life.  On that date I adopted my daughter.  I never imagined at 27 I would be the parent of a 14 year old but it has been one of most fulfilling experiences so far.  I had no idea how to parent a teen but one thing I picked up was that she was watching EVERYTHING I do.   Some of the stuff she picked up like table manners, appreciation for books and the ability to make anything into a game, were good things.  But I also realized she was picking up my eating habits, my energy level, and my self image issues.  Wanting to the best role model I can be for her is helping me change into the person I have always wanted to be.
4.       CHILDREN:  I want to be the mom who plays with their children. Who can run around with them and play games with them.  I want to be the mom my kids could be proud of. 
5.       HEALTH: I have been lucky to have no permanent health issues related to my weight, but I know it is only a matter of time.
6.       MYSELF: I am stronger than this.  I let food control me and for someone who has control issues that is a hard thing to swallow (HAHAHAHA totally love my own pun).  I feel like David and Goliath….except this time Goliath swallowed David and he has to find his way out with exercise and a sensible diet. 
There are many smaller reasons, but those are the basics. What are you reasons?

If you found this as amazing as I did, we are soul mates


  1. I think its SO important to know your reasons for wanting to be healthy! It keeps me super motivated!

  2. Hahaha! I totally can relate to your something different. :)

  3. Love the reasons you listed! You are doing great and making big changes.