Thursday, May 3, 2012

It's Not Gone, Just Hiding.

I had been really feeling like I had gained some control when it came to my impulsive binge eating.  I felt control of what I put into my mouth with minimal effort.  This week I have had two incidents where it became clear that said issue was more hidden that gone. 

Incident 1:  On Monday evening I made turkey sliders.  While a healthy meal in moderation, I had found in a past that this meal was something I tended to overeat on.  I felt confident that those days were behind me.  I had my two from the first batch and I felt good in my food choices.

Once the remaining sliders were placed on a plate for household members who were at T-ball practice, I started to get the itch for just ONE MORE!!!  Luckily, one of my weight loss friends was there and his mere presence prevented me from stuffing my face.  I knew he was getting ready to leave though and I was anxiously looking at the clock hoping he would leave before T-ball practice was over so I could eat more before Mama D got home. He said his goodbyes and I had enough time to stuff my face with one more slider before Mama D walked in the door. WTH!! That is like pre-mediated bingeing or something.

Incident 2: Tuesday was M’s 7th birthday. I had saved points so that I could enjoy a tiny sliver of birthday cake with the family.  Everything went great; I ate my piece and felt satisfied.   Later in the evening, after the kids were in bed, I went back into the kitchen to grab something.  While my daughter had done the dishes, she left the cake ready and waiting on the island counter, just begging to be eaten. Without even thinking I grabbed a fork and started in on the cake, avoiding the frosting because It was nasty and blue and made the eater look like he just ate a Smurf.  Luckily, on my third bite Mama D walked in said “Channie! Step away from the cake!”

Family sporting their Smurf eating faces

While the overall damage of the two mini-binges was minimal, that fact that these two incidents happened two days in a row is disturbing. I really need to get some self-control.

On the flip side, I am really grooving with this work-out thing.  I have worked out four days in a row!!!
Yesterday was the first day of my works pedometer competition. One elliptical session got me 3,500 steps. I am hoping this motivates me to keep to my goal of working our 5 times a week.

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  1. Girl, I hear ya. The monster still makes an appearance for me even now, but the times are few & far between, unlike before. It's just about getting back to business right away and not letting it snowball, know what I mean? We're only human, but we have to just keep fighting.

    Your family is adorable! Good for you for getting the workouts in, keep up the good work!